Texting the new series.

Texting-at-Bold-CityIt's been a staple in my work for some time starting the past summer. Perhaps it's all the time I've spent in bars.. but I've seen my share of texting in public. And when I say texting in public, I don't mean what appears to be the occasional "C U SOON" message. I'm talking full length, in depth conversations powered by speeding thumbs, thumping all over that plastic keyboard ( or glass screen, if it's a fortunate iPhone owner). Naturally, I stop whatever I am  drawing and focus entirely on the person ignoring all others sitting with them at the table. Their eyes locked into that little blue screen. I've practically filled a sketchbook, and this texting has now invaded my woodblock prints as well. I'm not trying to turn this into a series, but given the amount of time I spend drawing on wood in bars and the sheer number of texting going on around me.. a series is inevitable at this point. I spotted this girl sneaking a text or two in while her two friends stepped out for a smoke break. Thats fair game, right?

This woodcut, aptly titled "Texting at Bold City", was the virgin block at the show last week that I used as a demo for hand printing relief.  I drew onto the block in public.. inked it inside the brewery the same night as well. The idea of composing the image in public I think gives the  (much adored) sluggish process of printmaking the feel of immediacy that so often come naturally in my sketches. I stained the block red, like I usually do, and carved it out inside the studio. So, here is the printed image, editioned at thirty prints.