Writing out the madness.

DSC_0022I know it's been well over a week, now, but I need to thank everyone for coming out to the show ... again!

This blog has been really neglected over the past month or so, for many reasons. The biggest reason surprisingly , was not because of the show.. or this upcoming India exchange... or even my wild nights out on the town! The reason is because at the time I started this blog, I could not figure out where it fit with my work, and how it would add to the way I represented my work on the internet. I felt that with websites such as flickr and facebook, this site would not draw nearly enough traffic. I was already posting my work on flickr (where other printmaking and urban sketchers would see it), and on facebook (where friends and family could enjoy if they felt like it). So.. between friends and family... where does this blog fit, and who does it speak to?

The answer came to me last week when Drive By Press visited UNF.. Joseph, the founder of Drive-By is more or less the badass rockstar of the printmaking world, and through years and years of visiting schools, teaching and preaching the printmaking process, he has amassed great knowledge of what schools look for when accepting students into their grad programs. I have never been able to write about my work as well as I felt I should. Schools feel that the artist statement substantiates the work, gives it weight and meaning.

I'm not writing this blog to get into grad school. However, listening to Joseph speak I realized that I need to throw away this idea that "my art does not need to be justified.. just look at it" attitude. Simply, if an artist cannot write about his/her work, then what is it worth? I've never had a problem speaking about my work.. writing about it is where I began to run into problems.

So this is the part where the blog gains validation on the internet. I have found a place where I can exercise thought in words about my work in a space that is unconstrained (unlike both flickr and facebook, God bless them). Infact, blogs by nature are a forum for writing. So, in addition to a purdy picture, a more or less coherent explanation describing the story and the process behind the piece will be here, too. Let's hope!