High-Noon at O'Brothers.

High-Noon-at-O'-BrothersIMG_0178 High Noon at O'Brothers is one of the prints that is truly Plein Air. This block also started the whole idea of eventually forming a show to begin with.

I remember drawing this block on April 11th, the day before Easter Sunday around noon after brunch at Cool Moose. Co-incidentally, it happened to be international sketch crawl day, where everyone grabs a book and draws outdoors as much as they can. The drawings are then shared at the link listed above, as well as sites such as Urban Sketchers and Flickr.

I just happened to have a block of linoleum fresh and ready to go. One of the things I remember loving most about the moment was the harsh light shinning in through the windows that created these dark sharp shadows and silhouettes throughout the space. The print has an abstract feel.. some of these shapes may not make sense at first, while others such as the curtains, bricks, wooden window panes, planks  and fences come together to tell a story of textures. I like leaving the familiar towards the exit and the abstract towards the middle.  I printed this block on bright white thick arches cover paper to accentuate the contrast of the rich black ink.

This one print I've come to love more after understanding the role it played out in defining the rest of the series to follow. Parts are intricate, parts are crude and improvised creating a sense of both stillness and action.  While these things move through my mind and I recognize it time to time as I carve, I only hope it comes across in some way or another to the viewer.