Yup, more Bold City.. This time with Taverna!

11_21_2009 Bold CityI started out with an appetizer at Taverna, which is quickly becoming a new favorite spot for drawing due to the wide assortment of textures. The friendly staff and amazing food help, too.. that is. Then it was off to Bold City.

I felt as if I hadn't worked in marker for a while so I used that for my Bold City Sketch. I am constantly surprised at how much information can be conveyed in a simple brush stroke.  This page offers a side by side comparison between black and white pen and ink and the thick multi-colored brush strokes. It was only this year when I started sketching in color again, but I have to say I feel more free with a colored brush stroke, now.I love black and white for the decision making, but I am more drawn to color now for the multiple layers. Plus, I just love splashing color around like a Kurosawa storyboard.