The Oven, State 1

The-Oven-State-1The Oven, like High Noon at O' Brothers, is a plate that was initially constructed on site at Bistro Aix, in a continuation of my urban sketches and prints done on location.

Where this plate differs from the Linoleum cut relief process is that I can return to the plate after the first initial printing to burnish down areas and lay down another layer of hard ground so I can etch new lines. This is called working in states. The etching process is repeated and the plate is printed once again, only to go through another transformation. Some artists, such as Rembrandt, worked a plate through at least 16 states. Pretty amazing.

This represents the first of three states the plate has gone through, thus far. The cool thing is that prior to  the current state, this plate first had a dry point that I deemed "too unsuccessful to print". Instead of burnishing it down, I just simply lay the hard ground over the drypoint to make way for the needling that would later be etched. As a consequence, you can see very faint drypoint lines underneath what appears to be the desired composition. I remember thinking that this state was just not quite dark enough, and needed a stronger focal point, so I went on to add more texture and shadow in the following states, which I shall post in the near future.