The two last drawings before the New Year

Here are the last two drawings done in 2009, about an hour before the ball dropped. They are quick, ink sketches done on Fabriano paper.

This woman, affectionately named "Bluetooth Cigarette", because well, she wore a bluetooth headset and smoked cigarettes with a vodka tonic in her hand. She sported a woman's grey business coat, with a violet colored velvet tracksuit underneath. Yeah, She was awesome. I plan on doing some drawings of her from my head later on. Definitely one of these people that I will not be forgetting any time soon,and will probably make an appearance or two in my "Hogarthian Texting in Bars" series I have planned through 2010.

The second drawing is just good o'l fashioned, people sitting and drinking at a bar scene, while donning a new years green paper top-hat. I may go back in later on and add some color. For now I am planning for this year, Twenty Ten!