Massive amount of drawing on Thursday night... Bold City once again involved.

Thursday night, I think was the first evening I settled in (meaning at a bar) to do some serious sketching. The intent was to do a few practice sketches as a warm up for the eventual rendering for a photolithographic plate.

These first two sketches were done at the bar, with a nice view of the tap wall. The place was absolutely packed when I walked in, and the only spot available was at the bar. "Great" I thought. How was I going to get a nice panoramic composition on an "11X 17" piece of vellum when my focal point was the corner of a wall? I decided to wait out for a good table by doing a fewpractice sketches in my Fabriano Journal until a table opened  up. An hour later and two sketches completed, the other corner of the bar, offering a nice view of the interior facing the entrance was available. Jolly-Mon took it.  Then thejackpot. The corner table on the other side of the bar, just next to the entrance opens up. With this location, I had the perfect framing for a composition that included a foreground, middle ground and background. So I started working on the Vellum.

In my first lithography course, we are learning how to photo expose an image onto a lithographic plate. The idea rather appeals to me, normally I am against photo exposure in favor of direct contact with the drawing surface. But lithography being a technique in which the plate is often large and sensitive to the oils on your skin.... drawing on a translucent surface then exposing it onto a plate is something I can accept, since the vellum can easily be carried around, plus it's fun to draw on.  You can really build up values on Vellum. The image was drawn with a china marker, and looks very dark and over worked until you place it on a light box. Then a whole range of values are exposed and you get a better understanding of gradients and how the image is going to look when you expose it onto the plate(the light in an exposure unit emulates the light of the sun).  I love building up dark areas, then going back into them with a razor.

Anyways! Here is some photo shots of the vellum sheet in the bar. More detailed posts are to follow that will track the transfer of this image onto the aluminum sheet.. and hopefully soon... actually printing it. I cannot wait!!!