Card Players At Bold City

This is the first attempt at printing the Card Players at Bold City onto fine paper from the aluminum lithographic plate. The image size is 11" X 14", and printed on Arches 88 paper the same size, resulting in a bleed print. I became very interested in bleed prints when I discovered Russian artists were doing them in order to utulize every bit of their recourses. That aspect really resonated with me, and I think the majority of my prints will for now run to the edge of the paper. Plus I just love printing onto every corner.

The image is a tad darker in the background that I would like. Learning how to ink the lithographic plate is an adaptive process. Unlike etching or relief where you can look at the plate or block and make a judgment on weather or not too much ink sits on the surface, with a lithograph you must look at your previous print and make adjustments accordingly, all while writing down what your inking steps were beforehand. This makes editioning tough, I imagine. But I am looking forward to mastering it!

Anyways, this is a step closer than those proofs I posted a few days ago, and I just remember, that this is a two plate print, and I have yet to print the red plate yet...