Mixing Sangria at Taverna

In the evening during this freezing weather, I decided to venture out to Taverna, my neighborhood bar for some warm stouts and a clay oven fire. This quick sketch is of Hannah, stirring a batch of sangria.. a recipe created by Lacey. Wonderful stuff, I must say!

I've drawn Taverna from this view (which is at the corner of the bar located at the entrance of the restaurant)many times. Every time it seems like a new adventure, tackling the same space from a different idea and mindset, using different media. This started as just a black and white, pen and ink drawing. for reasons unknown, I just pulled out a few markers and added spots of color here and there to move the eye along.  I haven't decided yet, but I hope the spot coloring works to the advantage of this sketch..

I'm taking two printmaking classes this semester, lithography and screen print. I've decided to experiment heavily in expressive color. I don't think the spot coloring in these sketch journals feels "safe", but I do hope to produce vibrant, colorful prints of these same locations through my prints. Now, off to watch my favorite movie of 2009, Inglorious Basterds. Enjoy!