Generational Gap


Planned on editioning Käthe last night but for some reason the mask I painted on the stone was not effective and the whole thing rolled up! In other words... she and I were not communicating last night and some transparent blue was wasted. I should have been wasted! 

After the Käthe debacle I moved to my backup, Maude. She's just recently freshly grained and was ready to go last night. 

On Maude I drew an image 10 X 15", which will be editioned on Monday and is for the Mid America Print Conference exchange portfolio (Old World New World). The bar from which I did the reference sketches is Bison Witches. The title of the piece is "Generational Gap". 

I'm pleased with the way the image turned out and I hope that I get some good prints out of the edition. I REALLY hope they are dry by Wednesday. Thinking of holding them outside the airplane window  during the flight.