Basil Thai, San Marco.

Here is a spread of Basil Thai in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, Florida. This started off as a single page drawing on the left page, concentrating mostly on the fellow at the bar.

I noticed that I usually start off these drawings as a contour, concentrating on the hands or face.. then as my drawing started branching off towards the right (eventually taking up the entire page) , my drawing became very loose and I concentrated on getting the form down as fast as possible.

I had my watercolor field kit with me so I added some spot color, but it is very apparent, I think , that I need watercolor lessons!

The staff at Basil Thai were very amused by the drawing, and kept asking why they weren't in it, to which I constantly replied " you need to walk over there!" The owner actually did, it really tickled me! I try to stay low key when I draw in public, but this was definitely a James Whistler moment! If only I had one of his hats.