Drawings at O'Bros.

Here is yet another one of those fine moments I constantly seek for in a bar. Two people who enter together, then proceed to spend the majority of their time on their mobile phones.

I love the pattern. One guy goes to the restroom. The other starts calling on his phone while waiting for his friend to return. Friend returns, takes out phone and starts making calls. Repeat.

I've wanted to make a print based around this for some time, and I've been working on a composition. I haven't found one that satisfies me, yet. There are many Russian artists that I  have been looking at recently. I love their work, and I'm trying to incorporate the features I admire in their prints into my own. It's difficult.

I discovered these Russian Artists while attending Penland School of Crafts and working with Dennis O'Neil. The expression in their work really touches me. All the painters Dennis worked with display great emotion in their storytelling. I wish to do the same... How can I apply texting in bars into a stronger narrative?