Drawing at San Xavier

I know I was supposed to be doing updates through out the week, but this is honestly the first chance I've had! I will be writing extended posts later on describing my amazing stay at Lvis press with the Polks. For now, here are for once, some true plein air sketches! The gorgeous Arizona weather really invites plein air. I knew almost immediately that the desert would serve as inspiration for my artwork.

Before I flew out to Tucson, I did some research on sightseeing (ie: good drawing spots), and stumbled upon this mission. I was drawn to it even before I left for Tucson, knowing that it would play an important part in my work, one way or another.  More on that later.

This is the San Xavier missionary, founded in 1699 and lies ten miles Southwest of Tucson, AZ. During the day the mission is open to the public, except when used by church services. I visited the mission twice in order to get even more sketching done. The first time it was pretty crowded with tourists, but I still found space to sit and sketch.