Old States.

This is one of the first drypoints I attempted, and later on became the first in a series of drypoints, using the same model, plate sizes, and materials. The size of the zinc plate is 8" X 10". The model is Leslie, wearing a Japanese dress of the "Lolita" fashion... which is more or less a grown up "Alice in Wonderland" look. The fashion is pretty elitist in Japan. Along with the dress come plenty of rules that must be followed. 

Anyways.. I was heavily influenced by Whistler's drypoints, in which he would draw directly into the plate from life while a model posed. I stumbled upon these drypoints recently, and was struck by how much my work has changed since. Back then I had a much more traditional sense regarding the rules of borders, beveling, and printing. These drypoints were what initially sparked my interest in printmaking. I think it had something to do with the rich blacks drypoint could produce, along with the concept of working in states. I loved how Whistlers drypoints seemed un-finished.. yet so rich with information, and that he constantly re-worked the plate. That is something I strived to do while working on this series.