Slight view of the Onyx

My drawings of Bistro Aix are extremely biased. There are in fact two different personalities to this restaurant. The Dimly lit, earthy, organic side where the kitchen is, then there is the bright, timeless, side known as the Onyx.  I love them both, but I rarely feature the onyx because it is either closed to a private party, or there are open seats at the kitchen's bar (which is where I usually sit and the perspective from which these drawings are from). 

So, here I will give you a peek through the doorway into the Onyx. I did this drawing back in January, and thought it strange how I spent time adding color to the top and bottom of the page, but not so much in the middle. The bright lights inside the onyx link the two together and give the eye a better flow through the composition, I think. Of course this is a conclusion drawn from having seen this piece five months later. 

I'll start posting more of the sketches done inside the Onyx, itself soon.