The OTHER side of Taverna, plus other things!

Taverna has been one of those places where I always seem to sit in the same spot, and capture the same view. Nothing wrong with that, (I often like drawing the same view many times just to see how my interpretation changes over time), but here is the other side for a change!

Also, been procrastinating updating on the website for some time now. I know, it's a blog.. I'm working on constancy! Just realized that this site won't be posting sketches of Jacksonville based bars, much longer. Be prepared in a couple weeks to see a slew of entries across the US, and finally settling in the SouthWest where I will be spending the next three years. Arizona, here I come! 

And one more thing! If you look to your right, you will notice that there is a handy dandy new side bar widget that neatly displays my new Etsy listings. It's all handmade, people!