War Mother in the McNay Courtyard

Stepped right into the McNay Courtyard during my visit, and came face to face with War Mother, a sculpture by artist Charles Umlauf. I'd seen Umlauf's work in the Art Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico... and instantly recognized the similarities.  These similarities are mostly the elongated hands holding the expressionistic face. I look at this piece and think Käthe Kollwitz. Looking at this is I was amazed at how sculpture can use light and shadow to convey feeling and emotion. The is face carved in such a way that it is constantly in shadow. I would love to see this piece at night. 

The piece was both fun and a challenge to sketch. How much do I exaggerate the limbs and hands? Should I render it as a sketch of a sculpture, or attempt a 2-D interpretation? Also... How would this look as a woodcut? In the end, I decided to convey this sculpture, as a sculpture in the garden. I drew other sculptures that day, but this one stuck out the most.