PLUSH, the new Carceri.

In Tucson there is a lounge / band venue named PLUSH. They feature live music every night in the lounge, and bands play in the larger, concert venue. 

PLUSH seems like a great atmosphere to begin my PRISON series, deeply inspired by Piranesi. His Carceri prints were one of the first suites of etchings that really drew me into printmaking. I think his fantastic, discombobulated interiors would be a perfect twist to these nightclubs, where the lighting, textures, and people already make these places seem like prisons of solace already. No offense to PLUSH, I love the place. The Florissant patterns and dismembered Michelangelo sculptures seem to fit so well with a modern re-telling of the Carceri. For those of you unfamiliar with Piranesi, and the etchings mentioned above, check them out right here.