Drawings from Marfa, Texas

I've told all my friends about the oddity of Marfa, Texas. Located in Southwest Texas with a population of 2000, this town has artists and galleries on every side of it's flashing red light.

When I say artists, Im not talking about unknowns. This is cutting edge work happening now. Robert Arber, a master printmaker from Tamarind, works in his studio there, inviting artists globally to participate in his 30 cm X 30 cm portfolio editions. John Chamberlain's amazing crushed steel sculptures are on permanent display in one of Donald Judd's many galleries. Donald Judd's 250 acre minimalist gallery, the Chinati Foundation is located on the outskirts of Marfa, and is so large, the tour is split into morning and afternoon sessions. 

I spent time at Cochenial, a restaurant that opened there a few years ago by two chefs out of Manhattan. I also was able to sketch a few different views of Padre's, the town local bar and concert venue. Padre's reminds me of the concert venue in the last scene of "Wings of Desire"... The kind of place that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds would be seen playing at. 

Marfa is about equal distance from Tucson and San Antonio. I recommend staying at the Paisano Hotel- a Spanish architecture building with a beautiful courtyard.  So many great secret things here. A bookstore that has the best collection of art related volumes I've ever seen.. a rare hardcover copy of McCarthy's "Blood Meridian", that I could not resist picking up, and was the location for such films as "Giant", "There Will Be Blood", and "No Country for Old Men".  I could go on.. but in the meantime, here are a few drawings I managed to do in my short stay.