Twisted Iron

The first woodcut of the new series, based off of Piranesi's prison series, The Carceri, is finally here! 

This is a woodcut, 9 X 12 ", drawn on location at Bison Witches.  The first edition isn't decided yet, but it will be small. I've already printed 8 of them, choosing Japanese Hoshu paper, with Gamblin's relief inks. Oh, and a first in a long time for me, they were not printed using a press, but printed by rubbing the paper against the block with a wooden spoon. So, the print from beginning to end is done by hand. 

On Gamblin's relief inks... the first initial impression is that I love them. They print a beautiful, solid, velvety black, even when using pressure of the hand. They have a certain looseness when mixing on the slab, but retain a  thickness when transferred to the paper. You can definitely run your hand across the prints and feel the elevation of the ink. So far I'm all for them. Gamblin's line of relief and etching inks came out earlier this year, and I'm anxious to test out their colored pigments, and their transparent base. 

On the image itself.. I'm undecided. There is a decent range of lights, mediums and darks, but there is some confusion when it comes to planes when looking at the top and middle of the image. I will probably carve out some more whites ( in the background ) and define the planes more in the future. Right now I am going to sit on it, and let it soak in.