The beginning of the new Carceris.

A while back I mentioned the start of a new series based on the Piranesi's Carceri. Well, here is a detail of the progress of the first one. 

I still have PLUSH in mind for a few of the woodcuts, but this first one takes place at BISON WITCHES, which as you may have guessed, is a sandwich bar. I was too attracted to the interior elements here. Iron everywhere.. in fact, there is an iron rod framing the action of this piece that work compositionally, trapping the characters into the environment. I also loved the numerous lights, taps, and different types of textures. There is an icky stucco texture pasted all over the wall that forms an arch, further framing the characters. Characters are also trapped by their mobile phones... okay that may be pushing it, but I'm getting there! Enjoy the images. 

Keep in mind that the details in no way represent the finished image. This is a state of progress. The woodblock is 9" X 12", and should be finished sometime by the end of this week. I've decided to start this series out small, but gradually seeing the blocks increase in size. For those who don't know. Once the image is drawn onto the block, I stain the block red. This way I can keep track of my progress, and see what I have left to carve. I do love the red, and may include a second block underneath later on that is red. We shall see how this first one turns out!