My date with Käthe

I've started work on Käthe. The image area on her is 34 X 23". It's larger than the photo feels.   

When working on a litho stone, you need to avoid touching any of the image area with your skin. The grease from your body will transfer onto the stone and could end up showing when you roll up with ink! Of course many conceptual artists have used this idea to create their imagery but that is for another post another time. 

The image is taken from one of my sketchbook entries back in Philadelphia of someone playing pool at "The Good Dog".  I'm still working on ways to recapture the immediacy of drawing from life onto the stone (Käthe weighs alot.. I can't take her into public).

For now I am re-drawing the image free hand, blocking out areas with conte' and then going over the with Tusche wash. This will be the key image in a two or three color lithograph.  If you're wondering over the significance of the name Käthe, check out this link here for a little art education..