Milagros, Motifs

I admire printmakers that use repeated imagery throughout their careers. I think of the birds, snakes and moths that continuously signify the work of Emily Arthur Douglass and the Helicopters of John Hitchcock. My work has been largely narrative. The compositions in my work have always acted as a singular frame, not particularly suited for repetition. This is not bad, this is just the way it has always been naturally. I have attempted to build an image base, a series of images that can act both as a singular composition as well as lend themselves to religion and collage, two elements unique to printmaking. Images to act as an icon, like a signature of my work, or a stamp indicating that I have been present. Enter the Milagros.

The Milagros grew out of my research of technology as voice, as our body, as well as my fascination towards tangible Spanish Catholic prayers. We hope our technology will work, even though an icon such as reception bars indicates to us wether or not it will. What is particularly exciting to me about these more simplified woodcuts is that they can work in tandem with my other woodcuts and can be reproduced on many different scales. The Milagros started off as 5 X 7s. This block is 16 X 20 inches. The image is scalable. They lend themselves to repetition and collage. Finally! Something to work with and explore.