Letterpress. Milagros. Books.

I've been learning letterpress over the past few weeks, printing off a Vandercook and a C&P press. Instead of setting movable type on the bed, I have been printing relief blocks in large numbers (one of the many advantages to letterpress). The press re-inks the block every run just before the paper touches the blocks surface, so I am able to print large editions of my relief prints without having to individually ink up between runs. 

I designed two projects that cater to large editions. The first is the set of Milagros, a set of charms that treat our smartphones as if they are literally an extension of the body. These are given to people that fit a particular Milagro's use.

The next project and a much larger one, is the Arizona Landscape Activity book, which I have been working on for some time now. The book, modeled after Highlights magazine, features puzzles and games that address both the beautiful rich landscape of Arizona, along with issues of the land. The border, fires, copper mines and the mythic history of the land are all adressed in the activity book. This is shaping up to be a long term project that I am very excited about, and will be posting pictures and movies of the progress soon. Yes, it is a work in progress.  So, letterpress! The cover of this book is going to be three to four colors, Letterpressed. Should be finished within the next couple of days. I'll update before Friday.