Drawing, Photography, and Intention.

A second visit with Leslie and her boyfriend to the Gold Club. Even though I was off to a slow start in the new year, I managed to get a few decent drawings in. On the left is a drawing of Shaunna, and to the right two more performers, all resting in between sets.

Again the experience is a mixed one, in which we were met with both enthusiasm by some and hesitansy by others. Which brings in the question: is gazing at a performer on the stage, and drawing what you see two different things? When does the act of drawing in public become intrusive? Photography is not allowed in this space ( at this particular location, they swipe your device if they catch you), but how close is drawing to photography when used as documentation? The visual results from each medium are drastically different, but what about the intention of the act?

If drawing or photographing in a strip club can their intention linked, thereby banning the drawing alongside the photograph? One who is not an artist, but an employee of the establishment can easily assume that the intention behind drawing is the same as a photograph- the dancers body is captured, then can be exposed in the privacy of a customer's home, or even on the web. 

I post most of the drawings I do in these spaces, but is the dancers body here exposed? Rarely do I depict them on stage performing, and does that make a difference? Do the drawings represnt make the dancers recognizable outside the space of the strip club?

So many questions to ponder. In the mean time, check out the rest of the drawings on my flickr set here.