Cubberley Artist Studio

I Am Now Part of the Cubberley Artist Studio Program in Palo Alto.

I’m so excited to announce that I am officially part of the long-term (5 years) residency program at Cubberley Artist Studios in Palo Alto! At Cubberley, I will continue my studio practice as a printmaker with 23 other artists in single and shared studio spaces. In addition to having a working space, I’ll host open studios, printmaking and drawing workshops, facilitate lectures and artist panels, and participate in group shows. 

The move to the studio begins in October, which might give me enough time to decide whether or not the etching press stays in the home studio or comes with me to the heart of Silicon Valley. 

My studio today, with the Conrad Etching Press.

My studio today, with the Conrad Etching Press.

Check out the Cubberley Artist Program website here: