Geeking Out Over Greek Sculpture at the Dallas Museum of Art.

As many of you know, I've become somewhat obsessed with Greek sculpture as of late. During my road-trip through Texas last week, I had the chance to check out the Dallas Museum of Arts' The Body Beautiful exhibition, featuring Greek originals and Roman copies of famous sculptures such as the Discobolus, along with pottery featuring all sorts of naughty Greek narratives. I averaged about 45 minutes per-room, totaling 4 hours of drawing from said sculptures and pottery, and below is a gallery of the result.

My particular favorite is the the Nymph being Chased by a Satyre. I couldn't stop looking at this sculpture, and the wonderful use of opposites: the nymph pulling the satyre's arm right, while pushing his head left, the nymph is escaping right, while the Satyre is pulling left. This sculpture is full of opposing forces and I may have to write a separate blog post on the thing, cause I love it so much. Check out the gallery below! 

Expressive Lines of Paper, and Completion.

Paper, by FiftyThree, just ran away from the IDSA awards with a gold medal. The UI is organically smooth and delightful to use. This is apparent in so many ways: pinching to open and close books, and incorporating a digital loupe over your drawing instead of a conventional zoom is so ingenious, it's remarkable it never existed in the first place. I love using Paper as an idea bank, but as a digital sketchbook, I'd like to see an idea sketched out in Paper go from concept to a "finished" digital drawing. 

One of the reasons why I would like to see the jump from a beautifully designed app based on cataloging ideas and quick sketches, to a full fledged drawing program is because drawing with Paper is so smooth and expressive. One of the key elements of Paper is that the design team embraces a digital line, instead of mimicking an organic one. This, like the integration of the loupe as a zoom tool, is a no-brainer. Another app I use a lot for digital drawing is Procreate. The makers behind Procreate do an excellent job of designing a system that mimics "real paint". With your finger, or a pen, you can push paint all around a digital canvas. But it takes time. The makers behind Paper have it right with creating a new digital line, suitable for the space we spend more and more time in as we begin to gravitate away from "real paper" in our daily lives. 

Below are some quick sketches done using Paper. 

Progress shots of new woodcuts.

This series depicts cathedrals in various states of restoration. While I was in Europe I saw gorgeous cathedral after cathedral; mans greatest achievements in architectural design and artistry are scattered all through Central Europe. All of them shared something in common: scaffolding. I became drawn to the contrast of the flawless design of the spires and the clinging scaffolds clinging on to the temporal parts of the buildings, the parts that need repair.

I began to read this imagery as the condition I personally feel towards western spirituality. My body is temporal, imperfect, and boy do I have a beer belly! The ideal version of My body could be tall, timeless, athletic, eloquent and strong.  The scaffolding is a reminder that the ideal body presented by the church is also temporal, imperfect.