Geeking Out Over Greek Sculpture at the Dallas Museum of Art.

As many of you know, I've become somewhat obsessed with Greek sculpture as of late. During my road-trip through Texas last week, I had the chance to check out the Dallas Museum of Arts' The Body Beautiful exhibition, featuring Greek originals and Roman copies of famous sculptures such as the Discobolus, along with pottery featuring all sorts of naughty Greek narratives. I averaged about 45 minutes per-room, totaling 4 hours of drawing from said sculptures and pottery, and below is a gallery of the result.

My particular favorite is the the Nymph being Chased by a Satyre. I couldn't stop looking at this sculpture, and the wonderful use of opposites: the nymph pulling the satyre's arm right, while pushing his head left, the nymph is escaping right, while the Satyre is pulling left. This sculpture is full of opposing forces and I may have to write a separate blog post on the thing, cause I love it so much. Check out the gallery below! 

Spend Some Quiet Time with the Living Portraits!

There's Still Time to see the Theseus Suite at the UAMA! 

The opening MFA Thesis reception has come and gone, and now is the perfect time to spend some time with the dual portraits on display.  One of the most fascinating aspects the works have is the ability to hold a viewer's attention for more than thirty seconds. As the opening reception carried on, I was surprised at just how much time one would spend studying the portraits, discovering the subtle movements of the figures, or watching the breathing-like movements of the scrolling facebook profile. 

I'm glad the the portraits received so much exposure from the reception, but the environment where the works resonate is in the quiet space of an empty gallery; where they are alive, and waiting for someone to connect with. 

View of selected video portraits.