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Drawings from Cabo San Lucas

Hello Friends, 

I'm recharged after a week-long trip to Cabo San Lucas,BCS. Mexico has so much texture, I couldn't help but draw a bit every day while on vacation. 

Tiny bars peppered across Cabo San Lucas are like the experience of peering in a dollhouse, then walking inside. Usually there are enough barstools for six people, and the walls  are densely packed with the same amount of posters, dollar bills, and decorations you would find in a regular-sized neighborhood dive bar. 

The cramped space forces me to compose akin to a traditional Japanese print: Large, flat objects in the foreground place the viewer directly into the environment. In some cases, the page feels like the same amount of space when actually in the bar.  

Select Drawings of the Week: July 12 - 19.

This week I document one of my favorite dive-bars, along with some new spaces in Sacramento California.

Metal Bandages

The facade of the Stanford Memorial Church acts as a centerpiece and tourist destination; It’s what's around the corner that inspires me. Crowds of people snap photographs of the grand mosaic glistening in the sun; I walk through the shady garden, stumbling upon a breathtaking view. Shielding the rock, covering the stained glass, and wrapping across the steeple, I see what comforts me. Scaffolding.

Scaffolds at the Stanford Memorial Church. Digital plain-air drawing.

Scaffolds at the Stanford Memorial Church. Digital plain-air drawing.


I give up the safe and controlled environment the studio provides when drawing in public spaces. Cafes and bars serve as temporary studios with unpredictable levels of noise and movement that rise and fall. Patrons are the only unchanging component of such places. Their active stillness is reliable as they sit, drink, text, and stare at their screens for hours.  

Join Me On Patreon

Greetings, friends,

It is with great excitement I announce today that I am on the crowdfunding platform, Patreon. Patreon is a website that enables fans to become patrons of the arts by making monthly contributions as the artist releases new work on a regular basis. Contributions are vital for many artists these days, and for these contributions, you receive behind the scenes benefits, such as Question & Answer sessions. 

As someone who has urban sketching posts stretching as far back as 2005, I'm ecstatic about Patreon. Sharing artwork with the world is one of the most fulfilling things I experience as a human being, and now to have the opportunity for patrons to share back with a few dollars is extremely gratifying. 

Patreon is a young, but promising startup. I would personally like to see Patreon adopt a more streamlined design like Squarespace or Kickstarter, and, of course, gather a strong presence of fine artists. 

I'm always going to post my urban sketches and prints on my website, and they will always be free. However, with your support as a patron, I'll be able to post higher quality work, more often. For this, I will be endlessly thankful. To check out the rewards you get for being a patron, hop over to my Patreon page.