Workshop Participants Create Their First Japanese Woodblock Style Prints

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at the Palo Alto Art Center

Congratulations and thanks to Giana, Tyra, Jennifer and Fiona, my latest round of workshop participants who churned out their first woodblock prints! Each of their prints showcases the students own personal style, yet as a whole, each work contains characteristics of Japanese woodblock prints like overlapping shapes, tight registration, and multiple colors. 

Japanese woodblock printmaking ( and in some cases, printmaking) is a whole new approach for each of these participants. During this six-session course, these students translate sketches into images suitable for woodcut printmaking, create color separations, carve woodblocks with knives and gouges, and print with watercolors or liquid pigments onto Japanese papers.  

Although I rent out material kits for each student, some of the participants purchased the kit so they can continue to print woodblocks at home! I’m excited to see what Giana, Fiona, Tyra, and  Jennifer create in the future. 


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