The Theseus Suite

The Theseus Suite is about the desire to reconstruct an ideal version of ourselves through online social networksI focus on the connection of smart devices and computers to our bodies and how we constantly utilize them as conduits to project edited, ideal versions of ourselves into the virtual word. 

Ancient Greek sculptures have eroded through time, becoming “imperfect”, yet the sculptures still retain ideals of beauty. I recognize a parallel between our increasingly passive physical forms and the sculptures; we become anxious as we invest time molding ourselves into the way we wish to be seen through social networks. Furthermore, I cite specific hellenistic sculptures to link theatrical poses to the drama we present on virtual stages.

There is a natural movement in the subject’s physical form through breathing, and their scrolling profiles, implying an equal liveness of both. We are now balancing multiple identities, and I see a tragic intimacy in one’s need to treat their virtual self with as much, if not more attention than their physical selves.