Workshops & Personal Consultations

Corporate Workshops

With coaching and brainstorming, you’ll create artwork meaningful to you-and the rest of your team. By the end of the workshop, each participant leaves with a portfolio of fine-art prints telling a story about team strengths. 

Pictured above: Team building workshop with Stryker Endoscopy. 

Personal Consultations - $75 per hour

Create new imagery or repurpose your existing artwork as multi-color fine-art prints. Cost includes the use of studio equipment and shop materials ( etching presses, printing tools, newsprint, pigment, and proofing paper). 

Processes I teach:

  • Western Woodcut
  • Mokuhanga (Japanese Woodblock Printmaking)
  • Linoleum Block Printing
  • Intaglio (etching, drypoint)
  • Screenprint
  • Aluminum Plate Lithography


Learn basic and advanced printmaking techniques through group workshops at the Palo Alto Art Center or in my studio. All materials are provided in my workshops, 



Group Workshops

Charles did an outstanding job teaching the Japanese Woodblock printing class. I was impressed with his organization, his methodical approach, and his positive attitude. I would recommend this class to anyone-beginners, intermediates and even advanced artists who want to try learn the Japanese method of printmaking.
— Emily Young
 Emily Young, Three color Japanese woodblock print

Emily Young, Three color Japanese woodblock print


Personal Consultations

Charles patiently and professionally helped me to print an edition from a linoleum block that I had carved ten years ago. I made the edition to create gifts for many of my recently married friends. Not only did my prints come out beautifully, but I also had a great time getting to know Charles and learning more about printmaking. I would certainly recommend Charles to any and all who are interested in learning the art of printmaking; he is positive, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the needs of his students
— Naomi Branz
 Naomi Branz prints a linoleum block on the etching press.

Naomi Branz prints a linoleum block on the etching press.

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